Why You Should Service Your Heat Pump Every Year

When was the last time that you cleaned your heat pump?

We don’t just mean wiping the dust off the top or giving the filters a shake. We mean actually cleaning it properly.

As a heat pump operates, it acts a bit like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks everything from the air into its system. That means it quickly fills up with dust and grit. The filters catch some of that content of course, but it will never catch it all.

What happens to the rest of the muck?

It enters into the coils of your heat pump. These coils are like the engine room that make everything go. If they are dusty then your pump will not run as effectively.

So let’s have a look at how a regular service can make your system run efficiently, prolong the life of your heat pump and save you money on your power bill.


Make Your System Run Efficiently

It has been a hot summer. So we are willing to bet that you have been blasting your heat pump on cool for at least a few days of this year!

As it operates, your heart pump draws in the outside air and pushes it out at the desired temperature inside your house. As we mentioned above, the intake acts like a giant vacuum. It collects every speck of dust or dirt that is present in the air. The filters catch most of the debris, but over time the dust can build up on them.

As the filters become blocked with the build up, your system has to work harder to let the air through. This means it draws more power, costing you more money!  That is why cleaning the filters is a key part of servicing your heat pump.

But what about the particles that make it through the filter?


Prolong The Life Of Your Pump

Working in behind the filters of your heat pump are the coils. This is the part of your system that provides the actual heating and cooling.

It is also the part of the system that collects the dust and dirt that the filters do not catch. This is the part that many people do not know they have to clean. Anyone can take out the filters and wipe the dust off them so they operate effectively again. But the coils and fins require more expert attention. If these are not cleaned, then your system can break down.

During our heat pump cleaning service, 2E Electrical ensure that we apply a cleaning solution to these coils to remove the build up of dirt. This returns them to their original efficiency, allowing your system to operate as it should, prolonging the life of the machine.

Dust build up does not only impact how your machine runs, it can also impact your family’s health. Bacteria, mould and fungi can colonise on the heating coil if it is not cleaned regularly. Then, when your system operates, these toxins are dispersed into the air where your family can breathe them in. Yuck!


Save You Money

Have you ever hopped into your car and driven off with the handbrake still on?

The car still goes, but it is sluggish. It isn’t operating as it should. And you can be sure that you will be using far more petrol then you need because of the added resistance.

Operating a dirty heat pump is a bit like trying to drive your car with the handbrake on. Sure the system will operate, but it will need to work harder to compensate for the blocked filters and dirty coils. That means it will draw more power. The end result… more dollars on your power bill!

You already pay enough for heating in the colder weather, you don’t want to pay hundreds more than you need to due to inefficiency!

Getting your heat pump serviced annually will keep it running efficiently. That means less danger of it breaking, no toxins being released into the air, and savings on your power bill!


Moving With The Times

It used to be that you had to turn your heating on at the wall with a switch. Then, we graduated to heat pump remotes – no more needing to get off the couch to turn the temperature up and down.

But now, we are at the next level.

Picture this… you are driving home in the rain in the middle of winter. The whole family has been out for the day. You are all cold, wet and tired. And you are going to have to walk into a cold house.

Or are you?

Not any more! Now, we can install a Pebble system that allows your WiFi to communicate with your heat pump. Meaning, you don’t even have to be in the house to turn it on. That’s right, you can start your heat pump from work, from the car, or anywhere you happen to be.

Compatible with any device you can turn it on or off, change the temperature and potentially even adjust your timers if your unit allows.


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Security Lights – The First Line Of Defence For Your Home

A Deterrent For Burglars

As we head into the summer months, burglars and troublemakers are out in force. Especially if your Christmas presents are visible or they think you might be away on holiday.

The thing about burglars though is they always fear getting caught.

They like dark, hidden away spots so that there is less risk of them being sprung. That is where security lights can be a godsend. With bright LED bulbs, they can light up any outdoor area like daylight!

That is a massive deterrent for burglars and trouble makers. They are likely to turn away the second they trigger the lights as they know there is more risk of being caught. For a very small investment, you are getting a large level of protection for your home.

Full Visibility

Heard a strange noise? Maybe you are wondering if that is your cat scratching at the door or if it is the neighbour’s cat instead? With great outdoor lighting, the answer is just the flick of a switch away.

Having well positioned lights allows you to have full visibility of the exterior of your property. You can even have lights installed on detached garages, sleepouts, sheds, or any other areas of the yard to make sure you can see everywhere.

This not only gives you peace of mind that you can see all of your yard, but it is also really handy if you want to check that you remembered to close the shed door!

Light The Way

There is nothing worse than walking to the front door, laden with bags of groceries, then… tripping over a courier box left during the day. Or the kid’s bike, your partner’s shoes, or goodness knows what else is in the way! Without good lighting, you run the risk of not being able to see trip hazards and injuring yourself.

It could even be something as simple as a slippery puddle of water on the path.

By lighting the way to your front door (or anywhere else on the property) you ensure that you and your family remain safe, being able to see everything that is out there.

You also know that you aren’t walking into any surprise dangers accidentally if there are intruders around your property. Your security lights act as the first line of defence to deter burglars, but also to make you fully aware of any situation.

Security lights really are your first line of defence. You can then beef up your security levels with cameras and alarms if you want. Here at 2E Electrical, we offer a wide range of security systems and are happy to help you get the right fit for your place.

Get in touch with us today to chat about it further.

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What Is A SmartVent And How Do They Work?

Protect Your Home And Your Health With A Ventilation System

What Are Smart Vents And How Do They Work?

Smart Vent is a system that ventilates your home. Using fans, they continually replace the air inside, making sure it stays fresh, regardless of the weather conditions.

Ventilation systems can address dampness in your home by removing condensation and moisture. As a stand-alone system, they do not heat your home, but you can utilise addons or an existing heating system to do that job.

There are a number of different Smart Vent systems available. They vary in function and price. Depending on what you need the system to do and what your budget is, you can select from a range of options.

The systems start at the simple level of monitoring temperature conditions and introducing fresh air from the roof cavity. They range right through to an advanced system that measures the moisture content in the air and automatically reacts to improve the air quality in your home by recovering air from inside and drawing in fresh supply from outside.

With a quick, easy and free in-home assessment, we can work out which system will best suit your needs.

How Can Ventilation Protect Your Home?

Without proper ventilation, your home is in danger of deteriorating quicker than usual. Did you know that over 1 year, a family can produce as much as 3500 litres of damp air in their home simply by cooking, cleaning, showering and breathing?

That is a lot of moisture that will struggle to escape during the colder months when your house is shut up tight.

If the damp air is not replaced with clean, fresh air then it can lead to condensation and mould. Dampness can also affect the surfaces of your home, degrading them and causing the need for costly repairs.

You can banish the mould in the back of your cupboards and the dampness in your bathrooms with a Smart Vent ventilation system. Keeping those areas dry will protect the lifespan of your home and the things within it.

How Can Ventilation Protect Your Health?

When it comes to dampness and respiratory illness, the stats are pretty scary. People who live in a home that contains moisture, condensation or mould are 30% more likely to develop illnesses or asthma. By reducing the dampness in the air, you reduce the risk to your family’s health.

Asthma is not the only health concern you need to worry about. You also need to be wary of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like carbon monoxide and other mixed gases that are present in the air within your home. Everything from furniture, cleaning supplies, heating sources and beauty products can emit these harmful gases that get trapped within your walls and then you breathe them in.

The air in your home can be 50 times more polluted than the outdoor air. And in winter, you spend a lot of time inside your 4 walls! Just imagine what you are breathing in. In the season or bugs and germs, you don’t want to add to the volatile health situation with polluted, damp air.

As you can see, winter is a dangerous time for your home. The harsh weather is beating on the outside walls and there are many nasties trapped on the inside.

A Smart Vent ventilation system will protect the longevity of your home and your family’s health. Within just one day of installation, you will be able to feel a difference in the air, especially if you have an asthmatic in the family.

Installation prices for SmartVents start at $1300 and heat pump installation costs start at $1600.

So, if you are interested in a healthier home this winter, get in touch with us here at 2E Electrical. We can offer a completely free assessment to see which ventilation system is right for your home.

10 Power Saving Tips


Do you dread seeing the envelope in your mailbox with the power company logo, or the email that pops into your inbox with your bill? Your instant thought is – how high is it going to be this month! What if we told you there were 10 easy ways to lower the cost of your power bill. Read on if you are interested…

1: Ditch Standby Lights

Standby lights actually use a considerable amount of power. So instead of leaving those little red lights flashing, turn the appliance off completely. Likewise, ditch the computer screen savers. The screen is the part of the computer that uses the most power. If you aren’t using the machine, put it in hibernate, or turn it off completely.

2: Embrace Timers

Over a third of your power costs go into heating your home. Leaving the heating on to maintain the temperature when you aren’t home is like pouring money down the drain. Instead of leaving the heater on all day so that it is warm when you get home, embrace timers and thermostats.

The timer will switch the heating on at a certain time of the day and the thermostat will bring it to your desired temperature and maintain it. Cost effective heating at its best.

3: Up Your Cooling Temperature

Fridges and freezers have in-built temperature settings. They allow your fridge to get to the brink of freezing, and your freezer to go sub-zero. Having your appliances at the coldest settings is unnecessary and costing you a bomb. Set both your fridge and freezer at temperatures that allow them function as they should, without the power wastage!

4: Turn Off The Lights

Like anything, your lights use power when they are turned on. Each one only uses a little bit of power, but if you combine all the little bits, it can result in a lot. So when you leave a room, turn off the light to conserve power.

5: Insulate

Having adequate insulation in your home will reduce your need for as much heating. Ensure your walls, floor and roof are well insulated to prevent unnecessary heat from escaping. You may also want to consider double glazing your windows as this protects a massive amount of heat in your home.

6: Go Natural

Use fresh air and sunshine to dry your clothes instead of a clothes dryer. Dryers take a huge amount of power to run, so only use them if you need something dried urgently. Otherwise, find the time to hang your clothes out on the washing line instead.

7: Get Energy Efficient

Standard light bulbs are ridiculously inefficient with their power usage. Switch to energy efficient versions, or LEDs for longer lasting, cheaper lighting.

8: Avoid Peak Teams

Power companies charge a premium rate for the most popular time of day, typically between 5 and 7pm. That is because they know it is the time people get home from work, turn on their heaters, cook their dinner and bathe their kids. Try to avoid these peak power times and do your washing or vacuuming outside of these hours.

9: Redo Your Roof

Most roofs are made from dark materials designed to absorb the heat and distribute it through the house. During the winter time you can barely feel the difference, but in summer it can make your house scorching. You then turn on your air-conditioning to negate the heat. Instead, try changing your roof tiles to a lighter colour, or simply repaint it.

10: Look At Your Electricity Provider

When was the last time you reviewed your power rates? If it hasn’t been for a while, then you might want to do some research on what else is out there. Could you get a better rate, a prompt payment discount, or a rebate with another company?

What Is Surge Protection


What Is Surge Protection?

Your home will experience surges of electricity every day. Most people associate these surges with external sources – your power going out during a storm, a lightning strike, or if there is damage to the lines or a transformer near your property. But many of the power surges your home experiences come from within.

Internal power surges are not as catastrophic as the external ones, but they still need some consideration as they can harm your vulnerable electronics like TVs, computers, or sound systems. Internal surges tend to happen when you turn large energy-hungry appliances on and off.

Having surge protection installed will ensure that you provide protection for your vital electronics.

While a surge of power may not necessarily break your electronics immediately, it can put an extra strain on various components, wearing them down over time.

Why Do You Need It

So, how does something that is meant to breathe life into your device damage it as well? Electricity is marvellous, but it is rarely constant. As we mentioned above, there will be multiple surges in your power every day.

A power surge means that there is an increased level of voltage in the lines beyond the usual designated level of electricity. This excess voltage causes an arc of electrical current which creates heat. That, in turn, can damage the electrical components within your devices. It is not limited to your computer and your television, surges can impact all appliances, including your refrigerator, washing machine and heat pump.

Surge protection is designed to reduce the effects of these power surges, protecting your electronics.

How To Get Surge Protection At Your Place

There are multiple ways that you can protect your electronics from power surges. The most common would be using point of use surges protection. Those are the devices that plug into your power points. The problem with relying on these devices is that they only protect the devices plugged into them. And some of your most relied on electrical devices (fridge, washer, stoves etc.) are not compatible with plug-in surge protectors.

You shouldn’t rely fully on plug-in surge protectors. They should be one part of a larger surge protection plan. True surge protection should be handled by a professional electrician.

Electricians have access to the best surge protection on the market. It is installed directly at your home’s switchboard to provide protection to all of your appliances, and also to the electronics that are hard wired. These easy to install devices provide an extra level of protection against surges that may be too much for a plug-in surge protector to handle.

If you are interested in knowing more about surge protection at your place, then get in touch with us here at 2E Electrical. We can help you protect all of the electronics in your home. Drop us a line today.

The Benefits Of Security Cameras

The Benefits Of Security Cameras

Eyes on the Ground: As we have already mentioned, you can’t be at home all the time. So, you can never be sure of what happens there when you are away. Whether you are gone for an hour or a week, a lot can occur. A security camera is your eyes on the ground, keeping you up to date on what is happening at your place.

Burglar Deterrent: A burglar’s biggest fear is getting caught. As if they get caught, they don’t make it away with their haul! Therefore, visible security cameras can deter burglars and vandals from wanting to go near your home for fear of being caught on camera.

Increased Safety: If burglars and wrongdoers are being deterred away from your home then it makes it a safer place for you, your family and any visitors you might have.

Play it Back: If something does occur at your property while you aren’t there, then your security cameras will capture the action. You can then hand the footage onto the police to help catch any wrongdoers. You can also pass the footage onto your insurance company for proof of the incident so that any damages can be repaired and any contents replaced.

Pet Patrol: Got a runaway pooch or do the neighbour’s pets create havoc in your yard? Use your security cameras to check how they are getting in (or out) and take the necessary steps to protect your pets and property.

The Functions Security Cameras Offer

Easy Setup: Most systems are easy to set up yourself or to have installed by an experienced electrician (like the team here at 2E Electrical). That means you will be up and running in no time!

High Resolution Images: Gone are the days of grainy security footage where you can’t make out the details. Modern security cameras feature high resolution, colour 1080p recording so you don’t miss a thing.

Recording and Monitoring: Many security camera systems have a built in hard drive for recording multiple cameras at once. They can be activated by motion detection or simply record your premises continuously. You are also able to install external hardrives to give you more memory space for longer term recording on a larger number of cameras.

Alerts: Want to know if something is happening at your place? Then you can choose to receive alerts to your phone or other devices. They will let you know if motion has been detected or if an alarm has sounded. Which leads us to…

Remote Access: You can log into the camera system at any time from a local connection (connected to a monitor or TV) or via remote access from a mobile device. Live stream exactly what is happening so that you can react and take appropriate action.

Night Vision: Cameras are not much good if they only work during the day! Fortunately, decent home security systems will have night vision capability. This allows you to see and film crystal clear footage during the night as well as during the day.

Playback: The playback function on most camera systems allow you to replay significant evidence or even funny video recordings. And you don’t have to sit with the video on rewind or fast forward. Instead, conveniently navigate to certain days, hours or minutes to see exactly what you missed.

How Can You Get Your Home Protected?

There are plenty of security cameras available on the market, but not all of them are created equally. When selecting a system, you want to ensure you are spending your money well.

Here at 2E Electrical we have experience with recommending and installing security cameras. We even stock a range of them ourselves.

So, if you want to protect the things that matter the most to you, get in touch with us here at 2E Electrical. We will be happy to recommend the right system to suit your needs.

Why Has CCTV Become So Popular Recently?

Old Style CCTV Systems Versus Today’s High Tech and Affordable CCTV

In the past, CCTV cameras were chunky and unattractive rectangular boxes mounted onto the side of a building. They didn’t look particularly attractive and the resolution on the screens the images were fed back to were not that good at all. In fact, most of the time all CCTV did back then was to confirm that a thief had entered a property or that a particular incident had taken place. Aside from this the frames and image were usually limited and therefore identifying those caught on camera was not easy.

That said, CCTV cameras have always acted as at least some type of deterrent. Those that knew the systems were limited would just bypass the system without a worry unless they knew that there was a 24-hour security guard on the property, and then mist thieves would stay away because inevitably the security guard would call the police.

Another issue is that these old style bulky security camera systems were also expensive. The actual cost versus benefit was not great unless the building has a 24-hour security guard on hand. Other than this, people would invest in a system only for savvy thieves that knew the quality was not good enough to identify who they were or alert anyone of their presence.

Old CCTV Systems Has 4 Main Problems

  • Bad resolution
  • Slow frames per second
  • Expensive
  • Thieves knew how to get around them

We could go back further than this to the old style black and white CCTV cameras that would often blink on and off. Digging deeper, the cables that were used to connect the CCTV system to the main monitor were often not secured, easy to cut through, and data flow was often interrupted by bad weather or even vibrations next to the wires.

Cutting a long story short, it is understandable that some people today still avoid purchasing CCTV systems because they still have the old style systems in their mind.

Today’s Modern CCTV Cameras Solve All 4 Of These Problems And More

Let’s fast forward to modern day technology with all its advancements and the drop in prices for this technology and destroy anyone that still perceives CCTV as the old style system.

Reliable Connectivity from Camera to Monitor

CCTV systems today are super reliable. The cabling is secured and with high-speed fiber optics and/or ethernet used to connect the systems, there are never any cuts off points. Moreover, most newer systems now come with wireless systems that transmit high bandwidths of data, the pictures are crystal clear, frames per second are fast.

Clear Visuals of All Incidents In Colour

With the wireless signals and cables able to transmit large amounts of data and modern day TV screens, obviously now when a CCTV camera is set up it is very easy and you can zoom in and out. Literally, you can catch car number plates, tattoos distinguishing marks, and see exactly what happened if there is an incident. It is like watching a movie on the TV, but it is live action happening on your property.

You Can Access Your CCTV Cameras Via Your Mobile Phone

Not only are images sent to a monitor, but you can also access your CCTV cameras via the World Wide Web from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, you can then log into your system and access the cameras.

No More Tapes

We didn’t mention this above, but do you remember the movies in which the robber comes into the shop and says ‘give me the tape’. Well, that won’t happen anymore because everything is recorded in real-time to a cloud storage space on the web. There is no tape. You can, therefore, access these recordings past or present using your phone or any device you have the software installed on to access your CCTV system.

Now All This Sounds Expensive Doesn’t It?

Obviously, within any industry, there are going to be price differences between the quality of the product you pick. It depends on whether you want to use the security camera for commercial use or residential use, do you need night vision, do you need monitoring stations and so on. So some systems can go up to $2,000.

However, you can pick up a small home system for as low $70.00. With installation on top of that, you are looking at a quality system in colour, recorded and accessible via the world web on your mobile device.

There are so many options out there, all you need is an expert to advise you, and that is why we here at 2eElectrical would be happy to offer you our services.

Visit out security camera installation page here for more information:

What do Commercial Electricians Do?

Electricians are the professionals that keep our society functioning. Without electricity, can you imagine where we would be? In roughly 200 years, we have made so many technological advances that it is hard to imagine electricity has been around for such a short time. With the advent of electricity, there needed to be professionals who could work with it and help set-up and maintain the necessary systems. The electrician field was born.

We have come a long way from the first electricians and the industry continues to grow as the years move on and we continue to incorporate electricity into our businesses and daily lives. Whether you think about your home or your place of work, there will always be electricity at the heart of it. This means there will always be a spot for electricians.

Commercial Electricians

Generally, electricians split between two areas of expertise, one is residential and the other commercial. Both are important, but it simply defines in what environment the electrician works. Are they focused on establishing commercial electrical systems or residential ones, because even though they both follow the same principles, they can be quite different and they require a specialized electrician?

Commercial electricians are the focus of this article. These are the electricians that shape and guide your business to electrical efficiency. Without them, businesses would struggle to be the well-oiled machines that many of them are. Electricity is a key factor of any business and by utilizing electricity properly, companies can gain a significant competitive edge over their rivals.

These electricians focus solely on the commercial sphere. This includes establishing new industrial buildings, installing additional high-voltage circuit boards, and setting-up any electrical equipment required by the business. No matter what electrical work you need to be done, if it is related to the commercial environment, you can count on a commercial electrician.

Qualifications and Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a commercial electrician, you should know that there are stringent qualifications and general requirements in place. Depending on your country of residence, the laws might change, but there will always be a required qualification and numerous general practice standards, including what can and can’t be used when completing commercial installations.

In order to become an electrician, commercial or residential, you will need an Associate’s degree or you will need to have done an apprenticeship. Both will allow you to be a commercial electrician recognized by your country’s electrical governing body.

In terms of general requirements, there are some basic things that electricians should be able to do, other than having the qualification. Most of these requirements are physical, including basic eyesight tests, strength tests, and endurance tests. These ensure that all electricians are able to safely perform their duties, no matter how strenuous the situation may be.

The electrician industry is projected to grow by up to 20% over the next 10 years. This is due to our societies increased reliance on electricity/technology. This job has both a high earning potential and long-term job security. For more information, please contact 2E Electrical commercial services