“What services do you provide?”

At 2E Electrical we provide a number of services.

  • Domestic Maintenance – lighting, power points, data, phone, TV, security, cctv, oven repair, hot water repair, switchboard upgrades, house rewire.
  • Commercial Maintenance – lighting, emergency lighting, data and networks, industrial power outlets, test and tag, 3 phase machines, appliance repair, machine installation, medical installations, generators, switchboard upgrade.
  • Heating – High wall heat pumps, Ducted heat pumps, floor console heat pumps, Cassette Heat Pumps, Panel heaters, bathroom heaters, cupboard heaters.
  • Ventilation – Home ventilation systems ( Smartvent ), bathroom extraction, rangehoods, fresh air fans, electric windows.
  • Security – Alarm systems, gate controls, smoke alarms, CCTV, Fog Cannons.

“What hours are you open?”

  • We start work at 7.30am and normally finish at 5pm Monday to Friday. If called outside these hours or days we charge overtime rate unless the job can wait until the next day. We don’t normally work weekends but will organise something for VIP customers.

“What is your charge out rate?”

  • We charge $150 +gst service fee which covers the first hour labour and travel to site, additional labour is charged at $85 per hr and Materials are extra. If called out after hours or on a weekend the service fee is $300 +gst which includes travel and the first 2 hrs labour.

“What areas do you cover?”

  • We service the Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Ngaruawahia, Huntly areas for all services. For the slightly bigger jobs including Heat Pumps, Smart vents we cover a wider area including Raglan, Morrinsville, Matamata, Franklin and have been known to travel further afar depending on the size of the job required.

“What heat pumps do you install?”

  • We try and provide a range of Heat Pump options but generally we install Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Gree and Hitachi.

“Do the Heat Pumps come with a Warranty?”

  • All the heat pumps come with a 5 Year warranty and the Gree units come with a 6 Year warranty.

“What is a back to back install?”

  • A back to back install is where the indoor heat pump unit is mounted inside the home high on a external/outside wall and the outside heat pump unit is on the outside directly behind the indoor unit, the pipes and cables run straight outside and down to the outside unit without making any bends or travelling sideways to the outside unit. This is a standard back to back installation and most pricing unless otherwise agreed is based on this type of installation. Extra costs will be added if the units can’t be installed back to back.

“Can I install a heat pump on an internal wall?”

  • Yes a heat pump can be installed on an internal wall but if there is not adequate roof space the pipes will need to be run in capping to an outside wall or if there is adequate and wall cavity the pipes can be run through the roof cavity to the outside wall but a condensate pump will need to be installed.

“What is a condensate pump?”

  • A condensate pump is a small pump that collects the water produced by the heat pump, normally in cooling mode, and pumps it to a higher position so it can be drained outside. Some condensate pumps sit inside the indoor unit and others are mounted in the ceiling cavity. Some of the pumps can be a little bit noisy when they operate but only for a short time, it is a motor after all.

“Can a heat pump be powered from a power point?”

  • A general rule is to run a seperate supply from the switchboard to the heat pump, in some cases this is not possible and if the power point circuit has the capacity to run the heat pump it is possible this can be done. An electrician would need to do some tests to make sure this is ok. It’s not common practice to run the heat pump off a kitchen power point or circuit connected to the kitchen.

“How often do we clean the heat pump?”

  • It is common practice to have the heat pump cleaned once a year, the clean or service includes cleaning all the filters in the indoor unit with a filter cleaner solution, cleaning the fins/coil of the indoor and outdoor unit with a special coil cleaner which also eliminates mildew and acts against the build up of mould. Clearing any shrubs from blocking the outdoor unit fan. Checking the temperature in cooling and heating. Checking the outdoor unit cable connections and making sure insects or vermin haven’t made it a home. In some cases if the unit is in a dusty environment or hasn’t been cleaned for a lengthy time a deep cycle clean would be necessary.

“What is a Smartvent?”

  • A Smartvent is a home ventilation system designed to reduce the build up of condensation in your home. Others call their systems HRV or DVS. Smartvent have 5 different systems but the basic operation of the system is to take the air from the roof cavity and using a special filter and fan push the air into your home, this pressure forces unwanted stale air out, this process works perfectly with heat pumps as the Smartvent dries the air and makes it more efficient to heat the room. Check out the website for further detail.

“What does a Smartvent system cost to run?”

  • SmartVent systems cost from as little as 35 cents per day to operate.*Based on the fan(s) power consumption on maximum speed, running 24 hours per day, over a 30-day period, at $0.26/kWh

“What does the summer feature do?”

  • During the summer months, the temperature of the air in the ceiling cavity can rise significantly. With a summer feature installed, the system will bring in the cooler outside air instead of the hot ceiling cavity air. This provides a system that ventilates all year round maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family. Summer feature is a must for hay fever sufferers.

“Do you offer finance?”

  • Yes we offer GemVisa finance, if you don’t already have a GemVisa we have all the forms to fill out and its a quick and easy setup over the phone. We have a number of interest free options.