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Why You Should Service Your Heat Pump Every Year

When was the last time that you cleaned your heat pump? We don’t just mean wiping the dust off the top or giving the filters a shake. We mean actually cleaning it properly. As a heat pump operates, it acts a bit like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks everything from the air into its system. […]

Security Lights – The First Line Of Defence For Your Home

A Deterrent For Burglars As we head into the summer months, burglars and troublemakers are out in force. Especially if your Christmas presents are visible or they think you might be away on holiday. The thing about burglars though is they always fear getting caught. They like dark, hidden away spots so that there is […]

What Is A SmartVent And How Do They Work?

Protect Your Home And Your Health With A Ventilation System What Are Smart Vents And How Do They Work? Smart Vent is a system that ventilates your home. Using fans, they continually replace the air inside, making sure it stays fresh, regardless of the weather conditions. Ventilation systems can address dampness in your home by […]

10 Power Saving Tips

  Do you dread seeing the envelope in your mailbox with the power company logo, or the email that pops into your inbox with your bill? Your instant thought is – how high is it going to be this month! What if we told you there were 10 easy ways to lower the cost of […]

What Is Surge Protection

  What Is Surge Protection? Your home will experience surges of electricity every day. Most people associate these surges with external sources – your power going out during a storm, a lightning strike, or if there is damage to the lines or a transformer near your property. But many of the power surges your home […]

The Benefits Of Security Cameras

The Benefits Of Security Cameras Eyes on the Ground: As we have already mentioned, you can’t be at home all the time. So, you can never be sure of what happens there when you are away. Whether you are gone for an hour or a week, a lot can occur. A security camera is your eyes […]